Astoria School District 2018 Bond Proposal

Buildings across the district have significant safety and security issues and are in need of repair. The bond would allow the district to address critical safety and security needs and aging and outdated academic spaces.

Click for Proposed Bond Projects (PDF)
Vote YES for Astoria Kids!

Yes for Astoria Kids on Vimeo.

Astoria School District Inside Look

Take a look inside the district and see some of the issues a YES vote on the bond will resolve.

Thanks for voting Yes

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Linda Brech says Yes for Astoria Kids

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Julie Niemi says Yes for Astoria Kids

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Astoria school facilities need updates

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Nikayla Lippy says Yes for Astoria Kids

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KMUN Interview with Craig Hoppes and David J. Oser

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Astoria City Councilor Zetty Nemlowill Endorses School Bond

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Betsy Johnson Podcast

Join Michael Desmond as he interviews David Oser and Keagan Rascoe about Yes for Astoria Kids and the school bond measure for Senator Betsy Johnson's podcast.

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Local candidates uniformly support school bond

Candidates for city posts in Astoria last night all supported the school bond proposal

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Astoria-Warrenton Chamber Director Endorses Bond Measure (PDF)

David Reid, the director of the Astoria-Warrenton Area Chamber of Commerce has supplied a letter of endorsement for the Astoria and Warrenton School Bond measures.

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PAC formed to promote school bond

Local school bond supporters have formed a PAC to promote the local benfefits that will be brought by successfully passing the school bond.

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Astoria schools send bond to voters

The Astoria School District will ask voters in November for new bonds over 26 years to finance improvements to its five campuses.

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School District Creates Slide Show

The school district has created a PowerPoint slideshow to explain more details about the bond measure.

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School board seeks input on bond

The school board has spent more than a year working with a citizen-based committee, engaged in deep dialogue regarding renewal of our bond for physical improvements to our schools.

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Astoria schools committee recommends bond measure

A facilities committee has preliminarily recommended a bond measure in November to modernize the Astoria School District’s five campuses.

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We are on board!

These local leaders endorse the bond proposal:

Derith Andrew
Andrew Mattingly
Patsy Oser
Nancy Hutchins
Kelly Stiles
Liz Bartell
Katie Watson
Pat Roscoe
Peter Roscoe
Jill Mulholland
Christine Ketchum
Don Duncan
Sal Hernandez
Tessa James Scheller
Phyllis Taylor
Vicki Baker
Cyndi Mudge
Norma Hernandez
Frank Spence
Thomas Brownson
Hazen Hills Software
McLaren Innes
Skip Hauke
David Oser
Kegan Rascoe
Brandy Larsen
Rebecca Pierce
Julie Niemi
Senator Betsy Johnson
Jenna Rickenbach
Grace Laman
Cindy Moore
Todd Flukinger
Ester Bernardino
Chris Laman
Angie Jannusch
Cecelia Cole
Loran Mathews
Howard Clarke
Chris Nemlowill
Jennifer Holen
Greg Allen
Matt Lindstrom
Julie Lum
Lynn Jackson
Kjersta Smith
Amanda Casian
Kate Gohr
Billy Eddy
Mac Burns
Jeanette Sampson
Linda Brech
Travis Roe
Mindy Landwehr
Matt Pierce
Dulcye Taylor
Bruce Jones
Willis Van Dusen
Arline LaMear
Judy Bigby
Matt Hensley
Kandie Thornton
Janet Steinback
Ralph Stenback
Paul Gasgoine
P & C Construction
ASD Parents Clubs
Clatsop County Realtors Association
Knutsen Insurance
BLR & B Architects
ASD Administrators
Astoria Education Association
Astoria Classified Union (OSEA)
ASD Board of Directors
Astoria-Warrenton Chamber
Astoria School District Foundation
Van Dusen Beverages
Lum Family
Max Bigby
Jef Daly
Tiffiny Mitchell
Zetty Nemlowill
Monica Pearson
Jimmy Pearson
Joan Herman
Anne Carpenter
Sean Fitzpatrick
Susan Bartlett
Gerry Swenson
Julie Flues
Kevin Leahy
Anna Stamper
Tammy Lambert
Kurt Englund
Dan Bartlett
John Goodenberger
Patricia Shannon
Pete Gimre
Kevin La Coste
Robert Kovatch
Kimberley Chaput
Melissa Grothe
Janice Galizio
Renee Fruit
Kassia Nye
Jan Mitchell
Fernando Rodriguez
Lisa Reid
Debbie Twombly
Judith Niland
Jena Ross
Pamela Wev
Bryan Kidder
Dave Kruger
Pamela Mattson McDonald
Mindy Stokes
Ted Thomas
Connie Moore
Alexander "Paul" Hands
Lucia Chambers
Laurie Caplan
Cheryl Johnson
Bob Westerberg
Aletha Westerberg
Thomas Rogers
Pat Roscoe
Peter Roscoe
Chris Womack
Daryl Moore
Dan O'Donnell

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